Luxury (just) means nothing...It’s beyond Luxury



With new perspective and solution, we are the vanguard to challenge the Impossible.

CONCIERGEST is the pinnacle of creating finest hospitality service.

Determined to integrate and deliver the true wisdom of Japanese culture.

Providing genuine guest experience that exceeds beyond commercialized form of ordinary to "Extraordinary".

Ultimate luxury is within your desire to count in through us.



We will develop a completely new style of human resources business that delivers human resources who will be an immediate fighting force of the hotel industry.

Service flow
1. If you are interested in any of the services in "Our Specialty", "Experience", "Restaurant", please contact CONCIERGEST via the "Request" button on the page. All communications are handled by CONCIERGEST's expert staff through the "message" function.2. Please make a reservation by communication with specialist staff and settlement with credit card. When settlement is completed, I will make reservation confirmation. (Visa / Master Card / JCB / American Express / Diners Club)3. You can also use "message function" for communication from the time you settled the reservation until today.* We offer bespoke concierge membership package
Payment method
1. The following credit cards are available for payment. Visa / Master Card / JCB / American Express / Diners Club2. Please pay the service not included at the time of reservation (payment such as transportation means and shopping at the site which you have not reserved) directly at the site.
Cancellation policy
 We do not accept refunds and cancellations after confirmation of reservation, so please be forewarned.